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The Kitchen

The Kitchen is where all good stories and cocktails are shared. Traditions and recipes are the lifeblood of our hisotry. 

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Roasted Mountain Quail and Sous Vide Mackinaw Trout with a Dill Creme Sauce

This recipe is a sure fired hit. If you want to make a dish that your guests will remember, but don't want the hassle make sure you try this recipe on for size.  

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Pan Seared Bentley Ranch Sirloin w/ Sautéed Wild Mushrooms and Cauliflower Puree  

Let's be honest - life is pointless without a dan good steak. We here at Team Whiskey only support the best of the best, and Bentley Ranch Sirloin Steaks are on another level. Plus- JT's cauliflower recipe should be illegal. 

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Hot Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon

This recipe is relatively labor intensive, but worth every step. Remember - THE SECRET IS IN THE BRINE! Don't forget to put in the prep work to ensure the best results.