About Us

Created For The People, By The People…

Team Whiskey® is the original brand for outdoor sports and whiskey enthusiasts. We offer the people much more than just badass apparel. Team Whiskey® is American born and bred, family owned and operated.

The idea of Team Whiskey® came about when our wife and mother was diagnosed with Stage 3c Metastatic Ovarian Cancer, March 2018. After her first surgery the doctor said she had to get up and walk but the nurses said only physical therapy could walk her. Physical therapy wasn’t getting her up to walk and would just leave if she was being tended to by a doctor or nurse. They wouldn’t give us a walker so we found an empty room with a walker in it and we brought it back to her room. We told her Team Whiskey® was going to get her up to walk.

Team Whiskey® was an out of place name in the hospital. This made her laugh and smile as we helped and encouraged her to recovery. We got her to walk out of the hospital on her own (when all the doctors, therapists, and nurses said she would need assistance) after a three week stay. The day she walked out of the hospital was the happiest and proudest moment of our lives. 

The positive response Team Whiskey® got from the nurses and doctors was so over whelming that we knew that Team Whiskey® was able to unite people. With the help of a family friend, the Digital Barstool was born. It is the place where you can share information to help other people, and win a free Team Whiskey® T-shirt in the process. We love all aspects of the outdoors including hunting, fishing, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, golfing, kayaking, etc.

We created the Team Whiskey® Hunter Mentorship Program for people over and under eighteen years of age to help them out just like how we got help going through hard times. We have found that there are a lot of people starting to hunt as an adult, who never had any experience as a child, from influencers such as Cameron Hanes, Joe Rogan, John Dudley, to name a few. Many people are learning and making the conscience decision to get a natural source of protein. WE WANT TO HELP. 

Currently, there is no government funded hunter apprentice program for adults in any state.  If we can help one person with this it will be a success.  Support our mission, purchase some merchandise, and give us a submission for our monthly T-shirt giveaways. Sign up to our Team Whiskey® Hunter Mentorship Program . Proceeds from Team Whiskey® Gear sales will go to this program!! Do your part and help each other out and lets form a community together!

Team Whiskey® WE ENDURE.