Rules & Event Details

  1. This is a rain or shine event.
  2. In order to keep each course flowing, only one arrow is allowed to be shot at each target.
  3. Participators must stay on course at ALL TIMES. Follow the surveyors tape makers in-between each Shot Box Area.
  4. The use of rangefinders are allowed.
  5. Maximum of 6 shooters per group (non-shooters not included). If your group has more than 6 shooters, your group will be split into 2 smaller groups.
  6. After each person in your group (groups of 4 to 6 shooters) have had time to take their shot, everyone in the group will walk to the target to remove their arrows. Proceed to the next Shot Box Area.
  7. Please be ON TIME and make it up the lift in plenty of time before your Shot Time. A practice range will be available for use and warmup at the the top and bottom of the lift.
  8. If you are uncomfortable shooting at particular distance, you are allowed to move closer to the target.  Be smart about your location and make sure you are always in sight of the marker station to insure safety at all times.  Be respectful of others at the same time.
  9. YOU MAY NOT USE BROADHEADS AT ANYTIME ON THE COURSE. FIELD POINTS ONLY PLEASE. Crossbows are allowed for those who are unable to use compound or Traditional bows.  The use of a crossbow on any of the prize targets will not be scored.
  10. This is not a competitive shoot.  The High Sierra Archery Shoot is all about having fun and allowing each person to challenge their skills.  There will be 1 prize target on each course per day. Closest arrow to the marked bullseye on the target will win the prizes for that particular target. We encourage everyone to shoot booth courses (one course each day).
  11. BRING LOTS OF WATER. You will be hiking though difficult terrain making your way though the course to the base of the resort. Please stay hydrated!
  12. Pack snacks and lunches to bring with you. Food and beverage will only be available at the base of the mountain.
  13. Bring Sunscreen. You will be in the mountains and the sun is very powerful at this elevation.
  14. You will be hiking along steep and difficult terrain. Please wear appropriate footwear. Opened toe shoes will not be allowed at anytime.
  15. Kids will be allowed to participate in this event as long as they have the ability to load and unload the ski lift INDEPENDENTLY.
  16. Lift time priority will be given in the order of sign up. All two day ticket purchasers will be given lift times in order of sign up. All single day ticket purchasers will be given lift times in order of sign up after all two day ticket purchasers. Participants who purchase two day tickets will be given earlier lift times.
  17. If you are interested in sponsoring or vending at the event, we would be more than happy for you to participate. Send all inquiries to and will be in contact with you!
  18. HAVE FUN! This event was designed for you to have fun and test your archery skills! The Team Whiskey® High Sierra Archery Shoot is professionally designed to test both your mind, body, and shooting skills.