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Team Whiskey is dedicated to honest, comprehensive reviews of all types of outdoor equipment. Our reviews are independent, non-biased feedback about the gear we use and abuse every day. Think of our reviews as the real story you get after a couple glasses of whiskey... 


Havalon Prinata Edge

Ahh the good old days, the night before opening day of whitetail season, everyone is either bragging on how sharp their Buck knife is or sitting around sharpening their Buck knives for that sharp as a razors edge.  Only to have to resharpen it a couple of times thru the skinning and processing of your animal.  We love Buck knives and they are a great tool, but when you are skinning an elk or mule deer to quarter out for the hike out before the predators show up or before it gets  too late and you have to sleep with your animal which is now a bait pile,  this is when you don’t have time to resharpen.  That is when you leave the Buck knife behind and bring along a Havalon Piranta.


Bushnell PowerView 10x50 Binoculars

These are as good as it gets for the under $100 price point. The Bushnell PowerView 10x50 Binoculars are coming in hot at the $69.99 price point and worth every penny. If you need optics, but your budget is limited, these are the binos for you. Plus the more you save on optics the more you can spend on whiskey. 


King’s Camo XKG Ridge Pant

The King’s Camo XKG Ridge Pant is a high performance camo hunting pant team whiskey recommends for a solid option that won’t break the bank. We like this pant for hunting out west of the Rocky Mountains where country is open and covering ground after spotting your game is a must. This pant is lightweight enough to cover several miles without over heating yet warm enough with a base layer underneath to be able to get in the woods before sunrise when temperatures are cooler. 

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KUIU Guide Wear Pant

Chasing mule deer and elk now for the first time in the mountains of the west and not sitting in a tree stand waiting on a whitetail the first thing I realized I need new clothing. That’s when I found KUIU and KUIU guide pants. KUIU guide wear pants are so comfortable and the stretch fabric KUIU uses for KUIU guide pants gives you the range of motion you need to climb straight up to gain elevation or navigate through deadfall.


King’s Camo Desert Shadow Camouflage Pattern

King’s Camo Desert Shadow is a great mimicry camouflage for the Sierra Nevada mountains all the way to the coastal mountain ranges and surrounding desert-like habitat found in the western states. We like this camo pattern for its realistic and 3D mimicry that it provides. It resembles sage desert plants, with a sandy brown base layer which is versatile in most western hunting conditions and is what any hunting camo pattern for this area should have and is effective all the way up to the beginning of the Rocky Mountains. Team Whiskey has found that this pattern works very well, way beyond our expectations , and it can blend in with just about any dry, rocky place on earth.  


Cabela's Ground Hunter Pack

If you are like us and enjoy sitting on your ass as much as billy-goating up hills, you will love the Cabela's Ground Hunter Pack. This pack is the perfect choice for the day hunter who wants both functionality and practicality.