Archery Shooter Stool by Kenneth Gullickson McKinney, Texas

Archery Shooter Stool by Kenneth Gullickson McKinney, Texas



  • 1 budget backpack stool

  • 4-5 feet of 1 1/2” PVC pipe (depending on arrow length)

  • 2x 1 1/2” PVC caps

  • Super glue or plastic glue

  • 12x Extra Large Zip-ties

Heres a tip for you budget minded bowhunters or 3D Shooters. A couple of 3D shoots I have been to lately, I have found myself waiting in line for the next target. Frustrating! I noticed several people with some fancy stools that they sit on while they wait. I paid attention to brand names and when I got home I "Googled" those names. I was shocked to see the price tags on some of those stools. Ridiculous!

So several days ago while at my local sporting good store I found a very inexpensive stool that came with a backpack attached to it, and immediately my gears starting spinning. I bought the stool for less than $20 and went home to start my creation.

I had some 1 1/2" PVC lying around, so I needed to go buy two 1 1/2" PVC caps. Came home again and cut the PVC about 3" short of my arrows, glued the caps on, and with some extra large zip ties/cable ties, attached the arrow tubes to my stool. Now I have a archery shooters stool for long waits for the next target. The backpack has plenty of room for water bottles, snacks, and a couple of archery tools to carry with in case of emergencies. ~Kenneth Gullickson McKinney, Texas @KennethGullickson

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