ATI OMNI HYBRID P4 .300 Blk Pistol By Andrew Saldana From Odessa, TX

ATI OMNI HYBRID P4 .300 Blk Pistol By Andrew Saldana From Odessa, TX


I recently purchased a "truck gun" in the form of the ATI OMNI HYBRID P4. It is a AR pistol that has a full poly upper and lower with steel reinforcements in high stress areas. I was pretty skeptical of this firearm at first and the reviews and youtube videos I watched were mixed. BUT at the price of only $410 plus a transfer fee to my FFL I figured why not give it a shot.


The pistol is mated together fairly well. Nothing seems to be loose and there isn't any excessive rattling or movement between the upper and lower. It comes with a 7" Keymod free float rail and no optics or iron sights.


The trigger has a lot of take up and is very spongy however, once the take up is all out and the sponge is squeezed tight the break is pretty smooth and quick. It took some getting used to, but when I say the trigger is spongy....I def mean spongy.


It has the typical safety for an AR and is not ambidextrous, the safety is also spongy all the way until you fell/hear the definite click when it breaks over into safe or fire.


This pistol uses the paddle style brace. It can be adjusted to fit the length of your "FOREARM" using 2 set screws. But, not having anything to bite against and not wanting to over tighten for fear of cracking something on my plastic gun, the brace started creeping in. After about 15 shots it crept in from fully extended all the way to touching the castle nut on the buffer tube.


It has an 8.5" barrel with bird cage A2 style flash hider. the flash hider is removable and uses 1/2 x 28 threads so you can use just about any .30 cal aftermarket muzzle device. The barrel is a 1_8" twist


The rifle shoots really well, the recoil is manageable, it's not ear splittingly loud. As far as AR pistols go, it's fairly accurate. I was hitting 8 ounce jars pretty easily with a cheap-o combat sight out to about 100 yrds.

Overall I would give this firearm a 6.5-7 out of 10. Being all poly, I can stick it in my truck and not worry about the alum getting scratched or dinged.

By: Andrew Saldana

Instagram: @mcmasters_saldana_actual

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