Power Stance by Practice Rite Golf

Power Stance by Practice Rite Golf

Here at Team Whiskey we are like the majority of golfers who play bogey golf. The inconsistency of most golfers comes from poor alignment, balance, weight transfer, and ball position. We have found a tool that can help you with all of these.

The Power Stance by Practice Rite Golf costs $35 @rockbottomgolf won’t break the bank. It is adjustable for wide range of stances and will work with youth golfers. The left foot retainer helps keep a firm left leg that increases lower body torque. The right foot sits on a wedge that helps keeping weight on inside of your right leg to help with weight transfer and balance. Ball position is overlooked and with the ball position arrow helps with that and is adjustable for each club. This will help with shaving a few strokes off since we all know consistency is key to improving at this incredibly fun and difficult sport. Check them out at www.practiceritegolf.com

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