Gold Tip Hunter Pro

Gold Tip Hunter Pro

The Gold Tip Hunter Pro is Team Whiskey™️ member @jstang1486 arrow if choice for the 2019 hunting season. It is not the cheapest arrow on the market, but is competitively priced for a top of the line hunting arrow.

Team Whiskey recommends getting the Gold Tip Hunters as a practice arrow and pick of a box of the Hunter Pros when your get ready to go out in the field to harvest your game. The Gold Tip Hunters have a little bit less straightness tolerances than the Hunter Pro, and will also cost a little bit less as you get your bow tuned and dialed in.

The Gold Tip Hunter Pro is a mid-weight arrow that features balance of speed and penetration making it a perfect choice for any situation. They feature a smaller nock diameter to reduce the chance of Robbin hoods.

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