REVIEW: Havalon Piranta Edge

REVIEW: Havalon Piranta Edge


Ahh the good old days, the night before opening day of whitetail season, everyone is either bragging on how sharp their Buck knife is, or sitting around sharpening their Buck knives for that sharp as a razor's edge.  You would always have to resharpen it a couple of times thru the skinning and processing of your animal. 

We love Buck knives and they are a great tool, but when you are skinning an elk or quartering out a mule deer before the predators show up or before it gets  too late; these are the exact times when you don’t have time to resharpen.  This is when you leave the Buck knife behind and bring along a Havalon Piranta.

Havalon Piranta is as sharp as a surgeons scalpel and the blade replacement takes literally less than a minute to change.  The Havalon Piranta has different blades to choose from including a saw blade, although I would not want that as my only saw but in a pinch, it will work.  The Havalon Piranta makes the job faster and easier on the hands, which is especially good for us long in the tooth outdoorsmen and women.  When you want to mount your animal, the surgical precision of the Havalon Piranta will make your taxidermist job easier and I am sure he will thank you.  We here at are dedicated to the outdoors and all gear that truly makes a difference in the efficiency of our adventures and value to our wallets.

Reviewed by_ Whiskey One aka Kevin S.

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