REVIEW: Cabela's Ground Hunter Pack

REVIEW: Cabela's Ground Hunter Pack

If you are like us and enjoy sitting on your ass as much as billy-goating up hills, you will love the Cabela's Ground Hunter Pack. This pack is the perfect choice for the day hunter who wants functionality, practicality AND a built-in cooler. I'm not kidding...

The pack is designed for the luxurious day hunt. The pack is designed with bino pocket, main cavity, cooler cavity and side pocket. I must admit, initially, I was drawn in by the idea of having a cooler in my backpack because I like beer...but I soon found out that this functionality was more for posterity sake. I have only used the cooler a handful of times, but it works. 

The Ground Hunter Pack has plenty of space to fit all the needs of the day hunter, but the built-in chair is what really makes this a winner in my book. Caution_ once you experience a backpack with a built-in chair, you will always seek out backpacks with built-in chairs. I WOULD NOT suggest this pack for any large game hunts that require heavy packouts. The Ground Hunter Pack does not have the structure or supporting connections to make a pack out functional. If I were you I would stick to caryring beer. 

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