REVIEW: KUIU Guide Wear Pant

REVIEW: KUIU Guide Wear Pant

Chasing mule deer and elk for the first time in the mountains of the west. Not sitting in a tree stand waiting on a whitetail, the first thing I realized, I need new clothing! That’s when I found KUIU and their KUIU guide pants. KUIU guide pants are so comfortable and the stretch fabric KUIU uses for KUIU guide pant gives you the range of motion you need. Whether it is climbing straight up to gain elevation or navigate through deadfall, the KUIU guide pants are excellent, and are backed with a micro fleece that is warm and quick drying.

KUIU guide pants are also abrasion resistant, whether you are busting through brush, or butt scooting down some steep granite. Their Verde 2.0 digital camo blends in to any alpine high desert terrain. KUIU and the KUIU guide pant performed above our expectations.

Written by_ Whiskey One aka Kevin Stang

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